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A Binary Letter to Markiplier | 10 Million Subs by chrisdiontewalker
A Binary Letter to Markiplier | 10 Million Subs

I want to start off by saying Rest in Peace to Daniel Kyre.

Right when I finished this piece, I started noticing that Mark stopped uploading videos all of a sudden, then I saw a Facebook post saying, "Something serious happened".
I honestly didn't think that it was going to be a tragic.

After watching Mark's video and reading all the Facebook posts explaining the situation, I felt. Extremely. Terrible...

I didn't even know this guy, but it felt like I lost a close friend. :(

As somebody who's experienced depression first hand, it's always sad to hear about ANYBODY committing suicide.
At some point, in all of our lives, negative thoughts will come to take us over, but we have to open our eyes and realize that they're just illusions that aren't true.
Only Lord knows what was going on in this person's mind, but overall, it sucks that those who feel that low fail to look over all the negativity and realize that they're so much more to people than what they believe.

So, I'm sending my strong condolences to his friends and family. And to Mark, Ryan, & Matt: I'm praying that all goes well for you guys right now.

"A Binary Letter to Markiplier"

The binary code in this piece translates a letter:

"Hello, Mark.

My name is Chris Dionté Walker and I'm a big fan of your channel. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I came across any of your videos since I started watching YouTube (home page, searches, "Popular Videos" category, etc.). But this year, I finally stopped and watched one of your vids (Five Nights at F**kboy's, LMAO) and I was immediately hooked and I subscribed! I explored your channel and discovered that you had a variety of other stuff besides gaming commentaries: live action skits, animated shorts, your "Impossible Let's Plays" (the Hot Sauce had me rolling!), vlogs, and motivational messages. Yep... You've pretty much made enough videos for everyone to have a marathon; I know I do. :)
Sometimes I would let the day go by watching your videos, and I don't regret it. Watching how silly you act on a web-cam really makes me LOL!

I also noticed that you're a caring & compassionate person. You're not some random dude on the internet who's thirsty for "Likes" and popularity, and I truly believe you don't care about none of that. You've shown a purpose for putting smiles on millions of faces by doing what you love to do and have inspired others to go and fulfill their dreams as well, and that's what we all love about you!

You lead a good example to our community. You help out a lot of people in any way possible. You take the time to try to reach out to those who just want their voice to be heard. And most of all, you treat your fans like family. We all appreciate your kind love and the things you do to help better our community, and your videos are a way for some of us to escape & keep our minds off whatever hell we're going through.

And I speak for the millions of people who watch you when I say this: Thank you, Mark. For ... a lot.

Thank you for making us laugh, for helping us escape from our depression, for putting a smile on our faces when all we really want to do is cry, for inspiring us & motivating us, for talking to us, for letting us know that we're not alone and that we're all in this together, and mostly, for doing the stupid stunts that you do and for being the goofy asshole that you are!!!

There is a lot more to thank you for, I can't even think to say it (Or write it out at least =P). But I'm grateful to know that I get a good laugh in everyday and that I have found someone to look up to. =)

So in closing, I hope you continue on doing what you do most and to entertain & enlighten people. You are a big influence to those who are striving to push forward and make their dreams a reality.

Can't wait for the new stuff you have in store for us and CONGRATS ON HITTING 10 MIILLIE!!!!!!

Sincerely with many blessings,
Chris Dionté Walker."

Futuristic Vortex by chrisdiontewalker
Futuristic Vortex
This was inspired by the intro to the "No Scrubs" video by TLC. Also, I barely use 3D in Photoshop. So I thought it would be a great touch to add in to this piece. My very little attempt at it, but I think it looks good.
The Green Moon by chrisdiontewalker
The Green Moon
This came about from staring at the moon before sunrise while walking to work at 5am in foggy weather.


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